The Dead Man was killed by a Bear
Unecessary Killing...Porthos

Our confused adventurers continue their various journies:

Revana sought out a Shiftwood tree, quickly finding that the tree is not all that was expected, dropping down belligerent slime. Thanks to the skill of his group, they did away with the slime without much trouble, finding the missing group two’s bodies.

In town, a ship arrived, creating quite a commotion. As Porthos attempted to halfheartedly convert the new arrivals, his already shaky faith is all but destroyed by a nameless traveler seeking out the true Gods.

Rau learned of Morton’s arrival, albeit hidden. With little results of finding Hader, Rau discovered that Morton has brought a large crate, carefully hidden, presumably carrying something bad. The accountant (will update name when I remember it) sought out Rau at night, imploring him to do something quickly. Allen, the mysterious fake Knight, distracted a guard, allowing Porthos and Rau to slip past. Unfortunately, due to Porthos’ conniving ways, Rau the remaining guard. They then broke into Hader’s residence, learning only that Dead Man’s grotto was named the Bear grotto some time ago.

After sneaking out to dispose of the body, Rau and Porthos discover that it has been dragged into an alley, as well as Allen and the accountant both missing.

More and more questions left unanswered…

Step One: Infiltrate; Step Two: ?; Step Three: Profit
The Sword is... a mace?

Our adventurers awake and begin their integration into society (some of them at least). Revana seeks employment, meeting Hader for the first time. He quickly is promoted to a Team Leader in search of Shiftwood.

Porthos (?) set off into the woods… yeah. He discovered he could make a fire. Subsequently, he decided to return to town and join the Etherialist… church.

Rau becomes Vorlairee (?), posing as a Sorican official in charge of keeping tabs on the ship building progress, quickly discovering that they are short of supplies and far behind schedule.

The team discusses the Sword of Sorica, which is actually a mace. Unfortunately they end without a clear idea of how to obtain it…

A New Direction
Ice Flowers don't work in the desert...

(Forgot to post last week) Will maybe update later

After returning to the lair to halt the production of the Black Ones, our adventurer’s head North towards Cesta, seeking out any hunting parties along the way. Near the border of the desert, they come upon a sizable group of roughly three dozen combatants. After an ingenious idea of casting darkness on an arrow, and volleying it into the crowd, Ice Flowers was cast as the hunters scattered. The spell failed to work.

Our adventurer’s, outnumbered and without surprise, fled towards the hunter’s encampment, quickly setting their gear ablaze. While camping in a grove of trees, the party witnesses Telos’ fury in the distance, unsure of the outcome.

In the morning, our adventurer’s arrive in Cestus, immediately viewing the attack of a Sorican Knight. After a discussion with the dock workers, Revana sought out employment. Rau Deghiza spent the day gambling, betting their only valuable item for 200g against a seedy looking character. After winning, and subsequently betting again and winning, Rau left with a hefty sum, although with one more, dangerous, enemy.

After returning to the Crusty Barnacle, our adventurer’s find the unconscious Sorican Knight, who reveals himself as an impostor, seeking to acquire an old Vancer’s sword…

The Lair

Short recap:

Our adventurer’s, minus the druid for various reasons, seek out a Black One’s heart to cure the curse that has been afflicted upon them. Upon entering the lair, they discover hidden passages, which grant them access to a strange, unusable, portal as well as various black materials with strange qualities.

As the adventurer’s wander around, they discover a massive cylinder that, once activated, begins assembling Dark One’s. Stopping the production midway through, they acquire a Black One’s heart, healing themselves. Immediately, a guardian attacks the adventurers, forcing them to flee out of the lair, returning to the Ketua village.

I think we forgot to do something…. oops

The Adventure Begins
...And starts over again.

Returning from the ancient library and descending from the mining town of Daneel, members of the Tiefling underground Rau and Ravana (having left their compatriot with the monks of the Temple of the Forgotten Sun) seek passage back towards Sorica. With little of their traveling expenses left, they barter passage on a Darfellan cargo ship seeking to return the tome they acquired to their employer once home. Their hopes are dashed as the crew of the ship scatters when a sea drake attacks and Rau and Ravana are forced to fight the beast, along with the Flind Gnoll traveler, Porthos. After a valiant effort, and the destruction of the ship, our heroes are swallowed, electrocuted, crushed by pressure, and chewed to their demise.

Upon their subsequent deaths, the heroes awaken in a deserted tower, surrounded by an immense clouded desert. With only a hazy recollection of their pasts, and complete confusion regarding their shared dream/experience, the adventurers are at a loss to explain their predicament. A flock of inscrutable ravens does nothing to feed their curiosity.

Rau discovered a rusty rapier, Ravana, a frayed belt of rope, Porthos, a copper armband oxidized to a pale green, and each was clad in simple rags with no other possessions.

Porthos, taking the form of a bird, flies above the clouds of dust that obscure this ash-like wasteland. Finding the desert a vast pit, protected on all sides by tall mountains and sheer cliffs, he descends to the ground finding himself lost. Seeking to blow away the haze by summoning forth wind, he succeeds in only billowing up more of the fine grained sand, choking himself and the surrounding area with a dense cloud.

After a futile search of the area, along with a brief encounter with moving, aggressive, and poisonous Ironthorns, the Rau and Ravanasearch for Porthos and are able to seek him out by the plume of sand he has created. By this time night falls and the group seeks to turn back towards the tower at dusk, yet they find themselves lost. As they wander in search of the tower they spot a distant, flickering light and begin to approach cautiously….


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