Rau Deghiza

Rogue 11 / Swashbuckler 6 / Mountebank 5



Strength 22; Dexterity 22; Constitution 10; Intelligence 21; Wisdom 7; Charisma 10

AC (With MW Studded Leather) – 19; Flat-Foot – 13; Touch – 16

Saves: Fortitude: 5 Reflex: 14 Will: 1

Attack: (With feats and masterwork factored in) Melee: 17 Ranged: 17 Grapple: 16

Weapons: MW Rapier x 2 (1 with Precision Strike [+2d6 sneak attack damage]) MW Dagger x 10 MW Shortbow


Rogue 11:

Sneak Attack = +6d6; C TrapFinding; C Improved Evasion (Special); C Trap Sense +3; C Improved Uncanny Dodge;

SwashBuckler 6:

F Dodge +1; F Insightful Strike (+Int to dmg); F Weapon Finesse (dex to attack); F Grace +1 (+1 reflex);

Mountebank 5:

+2d6 Sneak Attack; C Tongue of the Devil; C Alter Ego; C Sideslip: 20 ft. (2/day);

Regular Feats: (4)

F Quick Draw; F Flick of the Wrist; F Two-Weapon Fighting; F Improved Two-Weapon Fighting (-2 to each + 2nd offhand attack);


Dark Vision (60ft); Darkness


Still needs some work:

Unsure of his true parents, Rau Deghiza grew up in Corsica, sheltered by a well-meaning, wealthy family (what?) throughout his early years. Quickly realizing that in this land, his difference could be his ruin. Rarely leaving the house, Rau dreamt of a day in which he could be a part of society, interacting with other people. As he aged, he grew impatient, seeking a life outside of his home. Although well provided for, he sought more. Eventually, Rau began sneaking out of the property, learning the trades of the scoundrel, quickly mastering the art of forgery and disguise to keep his secret from the world. With an informal, yet worthy education, Rau began forging documents (passports, birth certificates, official documents, etc). Initiallly he found it fulling to aid others that were seen as second class citizens like himself. One day, members of the Kings Army raided the home, taking Rau’s temporary parents to jail. They attempted to apprehend Rau, except his Tiefling power of darkness materialized, allowing Rau an opportunity for escape. For a time, Rau lived in the shadows, appearing on the streets as a common scoundrel, always cloaked. As he slowly accrued wealth however, he developed the alter ego of Tridan Gerados, a banker who came from a faraway part of Corsica (with forged documents). Rau quickly gained a reputible position in the Royal Bank, carefully disguising his eyes constantly with tinted glasses (need to figure out a way to make that better). His status slowly built, all the while maintaining his underground connections. After a time, and an accumulation of sources, Rau discovered his parents had been murdered for housing a Tiefling. At this point, he swore revenge on his inherent counterparts: the aasimar. They were the one’s who subjugated the citizens, as well as those not deemed fit for citizens. Rau slowly began eliminating lower members of the King’s Army (and governmental people). As Rau began to seek larger game, he developed an alter ego of an old educated man, using the guise to infiltrate and catch his prey off guard, slipping back into the shadows. Keeping his alibi of a prestigious banker sound.

Rau Deghiza

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