The Dead Man was killed by a Bear

Unecessary Killing...Porthos

Our confused adventurers continue their various journies:

Revana sought out a Shiftwood tree, quickly finding that the tree is not all that was expected, dropping down belligerent slime. Thanks to the skill of his group, they did away with the slime without much trouble, finding the missing group two’s bodies.

In town, a ship arrived, creating quite a commotion. As Porthos attempted to halfheartedly convert the new arrivals, his already shaky faith is all but destroyed by a nameless traveler seeking out the true Gods.

Rau learned of Morton’s arrival, albeit hidden. With little results of finding Hader, Rau discovered that Morton has brought a large crate, carefully hidden, presumably carrying something bad. The accountant (will update name when I remember it) sought out Rau at night, imploring him to do something quickly. Allen, the mysterious fake Knight, distracted a guard, allowing Porthos and Rau to slip past. Unfortunately, due to Porthos’ conniving ways, Rau the remaining guard. They then broke into Hader’s residence, learning only that Dead Man’s grotto was named the Bear grotto some time ago.

After sneaking out to dispose of the body, Rau and Porthos discover that it has been dragged into an alley, as well as Allen and the accountant both missing.

More and more questions left unanswered…



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