A New Direction

Ice Flowers don't work in the desert...

(Forgot to post last week) Will maybe update later

After returning to the lair to halt the production of the Black Ones, our adventurer’s head North towards Cesta, seeking out any hunting parties along the way. Near the border of the desert, they come upon a sizable group of roughly three dozen combatants. After an ingenious idea of casting darkness on an arrow, and volleying it into the crowd, Ice Flowers was cast as the hunters scattered. The spell failed to work.

Our adventurer’s, outnumbered and without surprise, fled towards the hunter’s encampment, quickly setting their gear ablaze. While camping in a grove of trees, the party witnesses Telos’ fury in the distance, unsure of the outcome.

In the morning, our adventurer’s arrive in Cestus, immediately viewing the attack of a Sorican Knight. After a discussion with the dock workers, Revana sought out employment. Rau Deghiza spent the day gambling, betting their only valuable item for 200g against a seedy looking character. After winning, and subsequently betting again and winning, Rau left with a hefty sum, although with one more, dangerous, enemy.

After returning to the Crusty Barnacle, our adventurer’s find the unconscious Sorican Knight, who reveals himself as an impostor, seeking to acquire an old Vancer’s sword…



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